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Est. 2001

Glenkens Tree Surgeons

             Professional Tree Work
    Richard Kirsch
Tel:07932 577840
Tree Services

Tree Surgery


Pruning, to include height reduction, limb removal, thinning, all round crown reduction, crown lifting. Dismantling - take down for tree removal in confined spaces or with utility wires going through of within close proximity to the tree. Removal/reduction of branches in contact with service lines (with regards to electrical power lines, permission/advice would need to be sort from supplier/owner of wires- disconnection possibly required).

Coppicing, pollarding. All work done to achieve your required end result

while informing of the overall impact to the health and longevity of the tree in question with the work which is wished to be carried out, or when it comes to pruning - the best chance of achieving this, taking into account the tree species and the best times of the year to do so. Some species will actually prefer summer cutting back as opposed to late winter. Please call or email for impartial advice and/or a visit for a quotation.

Tree Felling


Sometimes a tree needs to be felled for one reason or another.  The main reasons for this are safety concerns (may be dead or dying, structural defects), planning/building requirements or that the tree is taking required light from a certain area.

It is always advisable to consider pruning to achieve your goals before the whole tree is removed (unless deemed unsafe). Dead trees can be reduced to remove unstable branch ends and so make the tree satisfactorily safe (dependent on rigidity and species) while maintaining the structure for desired appearance and natural habitat. Of course sometimes the only solution is to fell the whole tree. We can of course log and split wood where required.

Please get in touch if you need advice or quote.


Dead and Hazardous Trees


Dead and hazardous tree inspection and safe removal is something we undertake on a regular basis. We offer safe solutions along with the reassurance of experience, qualifications and insurance. 


Dead Wooding


Dead wooding a tree is removing the dead and potentially dangerous dead branches within the crown

Woodland Management


We can provide a woodland inspection and management plan, usually at no cost up to approximately 3 acres. Over 3 acres and there maybe a small charge dependent on wood density. Please ask if any questions. 


Estate Contracts


We are highly flexible and more than willing to take on larger estate contracts and projects.

Wood Chipping


Unwanted wood and branches can be removed for chipping or can be chipped on site, dependent on the most cost effective method for the scale of task. When processed on site, wood chips can be left for use as mulch/for pathways etc. or can be removed. Please call or email.


Whether you just require advice on what species to plant for your specific site, or you want someone to do the job. We are experienced and knowledgeable in planting and staking requirements as well as recommendations for sourcing your tree(s). Please get in touch.

Mobile Milling

We offer a mobile milling service in which we can bring our portable mill to a piece of timber and plank it into boards for easy removal. The mill is capable of cutting over 3ft wide boards so can be utilised for most sized tree butts. It is really rewarding to make use of wood that would other wise go to firewood. 



Advice and Tree Safety Check


From Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's), SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and Conservation Areas. We can advise on required permissions to  whether or not your tree(s) are dangerous/in need of attention. We can advise on the legal requirements when it comes to nesting birds, bats and other wildlife. We can give advice on pruning by species and there grow back/heal potential to there likely lifespan. We offer an impartial ground based tree safety and health check at no cost. If you feel we may be able to help or for a survey quote (just send us a picture of the tree/s first)

We are always happy to help!

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